Who is AEB?

  • AEB is Authorized service Partner for GRUNDFOS and the Authorized Service Dealer in Egypt of METRON Fire Pump Controllers UL/FM (USA), CLARKE Fire Diesel Engines (USA and UK),TORNATECH Fire Pump Controllers UL/FM (Canada).
  • AEB    Established at 2008.
  • AEB    is the Authorized Service Dealer in Egypt and the Middle East for METRON Fire Controllers (USA) since 2008.
  • AEB    is the Authorized Service Dealer in Egypt for CLARKE Fire Diesel Engines (USA and UK) since 2010.
  • AEB     is the Authorized Service Dealer in Egypt for  TORNATECH  (Canada) Fire Pump Controllers since 2012.
  • AEB is Authorized service Partner for  GRUNDFOS  in Egypt Since 2017.


·         We are willing to be a leader in the sales - industry with the commitment of all ethical standards among the global network of service agents.


·         We believe that human is the greatest source of energy, so we help skilled people to use their best to accomplish their goals. This message simply shows the tools we use to accomplish quality in everything we do.  


·         We provide the best service as it is part of our strategy


·         We work as teamwork with one goal which is achieving the best results and having our reputation always at the top.


·         We respect others and deal with anyone with honesty and clearness.


·         We work hard on accomplishing the best for our best including customers, suppliers and employees. This is on the commercial and service scales.


  • AEB got trust from multiple international suppliers for providing services and maintenance for their products in Egypt and the Middle East .
  • Supply, install, test, start up and maintain Fire Fighting, Booster set, Submersible (Waste – Sewage), Deep Well and Domestic pumps (vertically or horizontally), constant and variable speed, Diesel Engines we provide quotation at time during installation and after sales. That’s the link we need to improve and make relations more stronger between you and our company. 
  • Manufacture, supply and install all types of local-assembled Control Panels. Best components and lowest prices are guaranteed.  
  • We have an experienced staff to accomplish installation and maintenance in Egypt and outside within 48 hours of the purchase order.

AEB Success With Partners


AEB is Authorized service Partner for GRUNDFOS in Egypt since 2017.



AEB is Authorized Service Dealer in Egypt for CLARKE Fire Diesel Engines (USA and UK) since 2010.


TORNATECH                        AEB is Authorized Service Dealer in Egypt for TORNATECH (Canada) Fire Pump Controllers since 2012.